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Who the F#%* Is Malcom Lagauche?

A reader once sent me a message in which she stated she liked my work but that I was walking a fine line. She said that I came across like a British Rush Limbaugh. I wrote back and told her how the name of Malcom Lagauche and the website designation of “Lagauche Is Right” came into existence. Evidently, she had seen a photo of me from the cover of my book Strike Four: Adventures in European Baseball, in which I wore a Union Jack T-shirt and assumed I am British.

I am a US citizen who has lived 55 of his 63 years in the US. In my mid-20s to early 30s, I lived in England and The Netherlands.
 Getting back to the Rush Limbaugh statement, I am far from him in his ignorance of politics and his hypocricy. In addition, I have hair and I’m no where as fat as Limbaugh. 

In 1991, I was the editor of the East County Weekly newspaper in Alpine, California. I wrote many of the feature articles, so I decided to come up with a pseudonym to give the appearance that there was more than one feature writer at the paper. The name Lagauche was quite logical because it means “The left” in French. My politics are definitely to the far left and the name was appropriate. For the first name, I looked back at my days in England and remembered that the name Malcolm was considered quite uncool. So, Malcolm became my first name. However, I mis-spelled Malcolm as Malcom and still retain the faux version of the name. I called my column, “Lagauche Is Right.” Translated into English, it means, “The Left is Right.” More than once, I have been accused of copying Limbaugh’s statement “Rush Is Right.” But, my use of the term preceded his by at least a decade. 

My birth name is Jeff Archer. Today, the names Malcom Lagauche and Jeff Archer are synonymous. One is not meant to hide the identity of the other. Some friends call me Malcom and some call me Jeff. Some who do not appreciate my writing call me more denigrating names, but that comes with the territory. 

Since 1991, I have been the editor of a weekly and a monthly newspaper as well as the editor of nationally-distributed sports magazine. In that time, I have had six books published. My latest is The Mother of All Battles: The Endless U.S.-Iraq War, z 400-page look at the shenanigans the U.S. and other Western nations pulled that contributed to the deaths of more than three million Iraqis since 1991 through war and the deadly illegal embargo levied against Iraq. Currently, I am almost finished with a book about the communications industry. My following book will be the sequel to Strike Four: Adventures in European Baseball, published in 1996. Its title is Strike 4.1: The Untold Stories. I have also had hundreds of articles published in magazines, newsletters, reports, and encyclopedias. Some of the publications using my work include The San Diego Union-Tribune; The Los Angeles Times; The Fall River Herald News; The New Bedford Times; The Hispanic Link; The Alpine Sun; and others. In October 2003, I started my website.

So far, I have written almost 900 articles. The subjects are diverse. Politics has been the mainstay, but I have written about subjects such as rock n’ roll music, baseball and other sports, and a few satire pieces. Writing about hardcore politics is tedious and many times, thankless. In the future, I may write less about politics and more about my other interests.

Whatever the subject, I can guarantee thought-provoking pieces with original concepts.

Writing is my passion and I will continue to crank out my views of the world. Since my first online piece in 2003, hundreds of websites have reproduced my articles in at least two dozen languages. Although I have strong political opinions, integrity and accuracy are more important for journalists than their opinions. I decry sloppy journalism, even if it contains an opinion with which I agree. I am the first to criticize sloppy or even fraudulent articles written by wannabe journalists and, whatever subject I write about, my vigilance of fellow journalists will remain in the forefront of my activities.